Tomosynthesis: Ergonomic design

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis - Ergonomic design

An ergonomic, versatile,user-friendly system

  • Ergonomics is important in advanced equipment with multiple operating modes: switching from Mammography to Tomosynthesis to the Combo mode, or else to the Biopsy mode, is immediate and simple with the Giotto TOMO.  
  • Fast, quiet movements, total comfort for the patient and technologist: these are all important prerequisites for performing examinations capable of producing images of superior quality.
  • All scans, including in the Tomosynthesis and Combo modes, can be performed with any angle of incidence.



Convenient, well-placed pushbuttons on both sides of the unit enable the user to work quickly and effectively.

Isocentric and automatic rotation movements of the gantry.



Unmatched image quality

  • GIOTTO TOMO delivers images of superior quality thanks to the advanced solutions of “second generation tomosynthesis”. The 3D reconstruction is fast and accurate by virtue of the advanced iterative reconstruction algorithm.
  • The display of contrast-enhanced images rich in the finest details (microcalcifications) ensures good quality information enabling the radiologist to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis.  
  • Post-processing was conceived for reaching a complete and accurate diagnosis. The Raffaello® software is intuitive and fast while structured for customizable image sequences, with a wide range of options among the various hanging protocols.
  • Multimodality capability is a characteristic of Raffaello®: Mammography, Biopsy, Tomosynthesis, MRI and Ultrasound images can be displayed in order to make comparisons that are useful for diagnostic purposes.