Tomosynthesis: Step & Shoot

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis - Step & Shoot


  • GIOTTO TOMO is the first to have introduced Step & Shoot movement, which enables images to be acquired while the X-ray tube is stationary. The result is a complete absence of “blur” in the images. Small details are clear and distinct. And it is precisely the small details that the expert eye of a radiologist appreciates, as they are decisive for choosing a diagnosis
  • With GIOTTO TOMO, the pixel size used for the tomosynthesis exam is identical to the one used for a mammography exam: 85µm. The spatial resolution in tomosynthesis is thus identi    cal to that in mammography: 6 lp/mm, without the use of image processing.
  • A wide angle (40°) ensures all the necessary resolution in depth. Eliminating overlaps:  this is main reason why tomosynthesis was born!

Low dose:

  • A reduced number of exposures (only 13) maintains a high s/n (signal-to-noise) ratio for each exposure. Thus insuring the acquisition of contrast-enhanced images in which the grey levels are clearly differentiated.
  • Extremely low X-ray dose thanks to the minimal number of exposures, high efficiency of the a-Se detector and iterative reconstruction algorithm.
  • The GIOTTO TOMO is the first to have introduced the use of an advanced iterative algorithm. Ideal for 3D reconstruction of the images obtained from limited angles: it ensures an ideal quality of the reconstructed images while simultaneously minimizing artifacts.
  • 3rd generation amorphous selenium detector:  it is fast in reading and transmitting data and boasts the highest DQE in its category.The signal-to-noise ratio is high under all conditions, even at low energies, as is necessary in tomosynthesis.