IMS Italy: about us


The World of Mammography in the last 20 years

From SFM to DBT Worldwide Manufacturers

IMS S.r.l. was incorporated in 1965 thanks to initiative of Mr. Toniolo, the current President.


The Company originally established itself in the X-ray products and  Conventional radiography units.

In 1990 the production and R&D Departments changed focus to specialize in MAMMOGRAPHY & BIOPSY.

IMS grew and in only a few years became one of the leading international names in mammography.

Today IMS can boast a modern production based on the “Lean Thinking” philosophy, a new approach focused on the activities and processes with greater value added and eliminating waste, and a global distribution pursued  through business partners in over 50 worldwide countries.


Giotto Image patents

Giotto Image is patented unter the following registration codes:

  • US patent 4,926,453
  • EU patent 0387475
  • CE 0459