Tomosynthesis: Image quality




Digital screening mammogram (first image on the left) shows a suspected dense area. Tomosynthesis confirms the pathological area (slice 34) and shows the multicentric character of the neoplastic pathology (slice 41). The parenchymal distortion revealed by Digital Mammography in the upper outer quadrant is better demonstrated, in terms of spicules, in Tomosynthesis, with better definition of the extent of the lesion.
2-dimensional mammogram. A suspicious cluster of microcalcifications is barely visible due to the superimposed structures.   Tomosynthesis helps to better evaluate the distribution of the microcalcifications in specific slices and increase the overall visibility. Digital mammography  revealed dense breast tissue and a parenchimal distorsion not clearly identified with the magnification.  

Tomosynthesis is an improvement in detection and in lesion’s characterization specially in dense breast.